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YouTube Workshops

All recorded workshops were conducted using the Meeting.UNM system, a video conferencing and collaborative meeting-space environment powered by Adobe Connect 8. The system’s simplified user interface allows for easier interaction with enhanced layouts and better organized controls, accessibility functions, and one-click sharing.

Simply click on the corresponding URL to watch a recorded version of the workshop. 

Call 277-1407 or email for more information.

Introduction to Qualitative Analysis
Presenter: Dr. Claudia Isaac

Literature Reviews
Presenter: Kathleen Keating

Building a Bibliography with Zotero
Presenter: Kathleen Keating 

Thesis/Dissertation101: From Concept to Execution
Presenter: Daniel Shattuck

Building a Bibliography with Endnote Web
Presenter: Todd Quinn 

Critical Reading and Annotation Skills
Presenter: Jee Hwang 

Style Manuals (APA, Chicago, MLA)
Presenter: Carlyn Pinkins 

Editing and Revision Strategies
Presenter: Talal Saint-Lôt 

CV/Resume/Letters of Intent Preparation
Presenter: Caitlin Henke 

Quantitative Analysis
Presenter: Jee Hwang 

Software Programs for Data Analysis
Presenter: Kevin Comerford 

Networking/Job Market/Salary Negotiations
Presenter: Katherine Williams

Enhancing Presentations Through Technology
Presenter: Mark Worthy 

How to Present at a Conference
Presenter: Mark Worthy 

Nuts and Bolts of Publishing
Presenter: Bill Gannon