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Writing Support Groups

The Graduate Resource Center (GRC) is pleased to announce the availability of Writing Support Groups!  Each group is peer-based, meaning that the group itself sets the schedule and many of the ground rules for participation.  All groups are facilitated by a GRC Graduate Consultant, who guides discussion and offers continuous support for the group.

Types of Writing Groups

wgWrite now, you can join any of a variety of writing support groups, including thesesdissertation, or graduate-professional groups. Writing groups usually meet either weekly or bi-weekly and most choose to be facilitated by a GRC student consultant. Read below to learn more about how to form a group and get assigned a GRC facilitator.

 Check-in Group

Also known as motivational groups these groups are designed to create a mutually supportive peer-to-peer environment where students can discuss their progress while holding themselves accountable to one another by keeping to a stringent writing schedule. Check-in groups can meet at a variety of times throughout the week and the GRC can supply sample scheduling pages.

Review Group

Review groups usually require a bit more dedication and commitment yet are potentially increasingly rewarding and empowering.  In review groups participants are able to have other students review their work, but they are also required to review the work of others.  Sometimes just knowing that others will review one's work is in itself a motivational strategy to perform at higher levels.

Get Your Group Started

Writing groups help create community among graduate/professional students that provide both academic and personal support to individual participants so that they can succeed in completing their degree requirements.
Check out some useful information that will help guide you toward starting a writing group:

Helpful Weblinks
"Tips for Successful Writing Groups" - by Dr. Chris M. Golde
UNC - Writing Center
Downloadable Documents
"Starting an Effective Dissertation Writing Group" - Compiled by Dr. Sohi Lee & Dr. Chris Golde
"How to Get Your Group Started" - Compiled by Rackham Graduate School
"Setting up and Working with a Writing Group" - Compiled by Jee Hwang, GRC Graduate Consultant

Meeting Structure & Facilitation

Although writing groups can be very informal in nature, a successful writing group will incorporate some level of organization by designating roles and responsibilities to group members. Check-in groups require much less structure, while review groups must be planned according to the peer review schedule. Somebody must be responsible for initiating group communication, coordinating meetings times and spaces, and facilitating meetings. Whether these roles are rotated or designated, they must exist in order to form a sustainable writing group.

Downloadable Documents
"Guidelines for Group Review Process" - Compiled by Anna Cabrera, GRC Graduate Consultant
UNM Submission Timeline Guide

Getting a GRC Group Facilitator

So you're interested in having your writing group facilitated by a GRC consultant, what's next? Complete the writing group application form and email it as an attachment to with the subject titled, "Writing Group Application". Upon receipt of your application, GRC staff and/or consultant will contact you to coordinate your group's first meeting.