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Tasawar Abbas Shah

Shah is a Doctoral Candidate in the Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies department. He is pursuing his Ph. D. in Educational Linguistics. Shah received his MA in English language and literature from NUML, Islamabad, Pakistan. Shah served as a faculty member both at NUML and GC University Faisalabad, Pakistan at the departments of English for eight years before joining the UNM. Shah's research work focuses on doctoral students' perceptions of their learning experiences of Vygotsky's theory and methodology.

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Frances Jones

Frances is a Doctoral Candidate in the Linguistics Department. Frances has received BAs in English, Spanish, and Linguistics, as well as an MA in Linguistics from UNM. Her dissertation research is focused on outcomes of Spanish and English language contact in Northern New Mexico, particularly in terms of phonetic variation, dialect formation, and ethnic identity construction.

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Jet Saengngoen

Jet Saengngoen is a doctoral candidate in Educational Linguistics. He received his BA degree in English from Bangkok University and an MA degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Jet was a faculty member for the Business English major at Bangkok University International College for seven years before moving to Albuquerque to pursue a doctoral degree. Jet’s research interests include teacher and peer written feedback, sociocultural theory, tutoring, and “writing center” pedagogy. In his doctoral study journey, Jet has received several assistantships from the University of New Mexico which include a teaching assistantship to teach LING101/ANTH110 Introduction to the Study of Language and a teaching assistantship to teach intensive English courses at the Center for English Language and American Culture (CELAC). He had also received the Graduate Student Excellence Award (GSEA) scholarship for which he worked as a graduate level writing tutor for graduate students in College of Education.