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Individual Consultations

The GRC offers free one-on-one consultations in writing and statistics with a trained graduate consultant to all UNM graduate and professional students. To schedule an appointment, please call 505-277-1407. 

What to Expect

A consultation is a collaborative exercise that results in your becoming a stronger writer and communicator through ongoing development of your writing skills. Consultations are either 30 or 60 minutes per session, and you can make only one appointment per consultant each week. Appointments can be scheduled up to one week in advance. Please keep in mind that our graduate consultants will not provide copy editing services (grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation) or proofread your materials.

If you need specific editing or proofreading help, or need assistance with specific style manuals (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), please contact one of the off-campus editors.


Schedule an individual consultation for assistance with graduate-level writing assignments, including (but not limited to) funding proposals, presentations, articles, and even your thesis or dissertation! Our graduate consultants are trained to provide feedback on content, organization, argument, and structure. The goal is to help you become a proficient writer, so come prepared to engage with our consultants and do not expect a proofreading or editing session.


GRC Statistics Consultants offer support with quantitative research, including statistical design, analysis, and interpretation. Our consultants can also assist with particular statistics software or recommend additional resources. Students enrolled in undergraduate statistics courses may also use CAPS Math drop-in labs.

Planning for Graduate School

The decision to pursue an advanced degree takes careful consideration and preparation. Sit down with one of our experienced graduate students to find information on the graduate school experience, timelines for applying to graduate and professional programs, and to get assistance with the components of the application process, such as personal statements and CVs.