Support Groups

The GRC facilitates Support Groups for students in specific categories, including writers of a thesis or dissertation. Each group is peer-based, meaning that the group itself sets the schedule and the ground rules for participation. All groups are facilitated by a GRC graduate consultant who guides discussion and offers structured feedback and accountability. Groups can be comprised of interdisciplinary participants or can be specific to programs or fellowships. The most effective groups consist of several participants and the GRC facilitator. Each group will have goals specific to their participants. We encourage the groups to meet in the GRC Commons Area or reserve space in our conference room where students can utilize GRC services and facilities.

Types of Writing Groups

  • Check-in Group: Check-in writing groups are designed to create a mutually supportive peer-to-peer environment where students can share their progress, obstacles, and strategies for success while holding themselves accountable to one another. Check-in groups often meet once a week for between 30 minutes to one hour. Check-in groups provide support and guidance during a time that can be isolating and stressful.
  • Review Group: Review groups usually require more dedication and commitment due to the added responsibility of sharing individual work and providing feedback on others’ work. Review groups are effective in helping you maintain a writing schedule, motivate you to complete the thesis or dissertation, and hone your writing and feedback skills. The GRC facilitator will help group members establish a review schedule, set up ground rules for feedback, and ensure all members’ goals and needs are met.
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Support Group: This group is for ESOL graduate students who want to improve their spoken-English and English-writing abilities. This cross-cultural group is facilitated by a writing consultant and a TESOL-certified consultant. It is designed to be a safe, supportive space for non-native graduate students who must write and present in English.
  • Women's Support Group: This group is designed to offer professional, networking, and academic support to graduate women. It often hosts speakers from around campus and the community. In this group, members support one another as they move towards completion of their degree and their entry into the job market. The GRC facilitator will help group members establish a schedule and ensure all members’ goals and needs are met.

Getting Started

If you are interested in joining a support group through the GRC, if you or your student organization would like the GRC to manage a group for you, or if you would like information on forming one of your own, please email us at